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Recent News in Caldwell

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Ada County Homeowners to Receive 2024 Market Value Assessment Notices

Ada County property owners will receive 2024 Assessment notices reflecting market trends. Residential values are increasing in most areas due to 2023 market gains, although some areas will see significant increases. Property owners can contact the county appraiser if they believe the assessed value does not accurately reflect the market value, and file an assessment appeal with the Ada County Board of Equalization if necessary.

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Snake River Water Access Limited Due to Quagga Mussel Discovery

Water access from Pillar Falls to Twin Falls Dam remains closed due to the discovery of an adult mussel near Shoshone Falls pool. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture will conduct post-treatment sample results before reopening the river to public access. Watercraft entering the river between Broken Bridge and Pillar Falls must stop at the Centennial Waterfront Park Inspection and Decontamination Station before entering and exiting.

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Ada County Highway District Appoints Ryan Head as New Director

Ryan Head has been appointed as the new director of the Ada County Highway District (ACHD). Head, who previously served as ACHD's Deputy Director of Development and Technical Services, will be responsible for setting policy and long-range operations strategy as well as overseeing day-to-day operations. He will lead the district's four divisions and over 450 employees in planning, building, maintaining, and repairing the county's transportation network.


Our mission is to make local news more accessible and highlight extraordinary people in our community.

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